Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Summer Shoes: The Must-Have's, The Passes And The Steal's!

With every season comes the evolving of your wardrobe. The good thing about shoes though is that when you invest in a pair whatever they may be and at whatever price point, chances are they will be in for the next few summers. We're in the thick of summer but there's always more room for shoes in my opinion. 😉

You can click any of the images and they will take you right to more information on the shoe and where to purchase it!


The Classics - having your go to's that go with every outfit make the summer easy and breezy. I will say the Miller sandals are 100% worth the price point! I've had my Tory Burch Miller sandals for almost five years and they've held up so well! I've also linked a reliable dupe because I totally get that price point can be an issue!

I also feel like the Birkenstocks are well worth Once your break Birkenstocks in, they're so comfy and their great summer walking shoes. Their rubber Arizona sandal comes in a lot of fun colors, they're easy to wash and they're a more affordable option.

Platforms, platforms, platforms! An easy way to look dressed up without having to worry about your feet! All of these platforms are great for work, a night out on the town or a trip to the beach. They're practical, affordable and all come in love of color options and patterns for every personal style preference. 


Wedges and heels can be difficult. Overall, I try to steer clear of most heels only because well, they kind of stink! But when I find a good pair I hold on tight! Wedges and kitten heels tend to be more of my jam. You can wear them longer and it's less likely you'll crack an ankle. 

No matter what your style is, summer shoes are a must. Nowadays there are so many options, retailers, colors, and designers it can be hard to choose! These three items, no matter what style or color you pick, are crucial. Being able to sift through the offerings and showcase my staples helps you pick yours. Happy shopping!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

My Favorites!

All I can say is that I hope May is the first month this year that it doesn't snow in Chicago! As I settle into my job and new routine, I can't help but feel as though blogging has gone to the wayside. Although this is a hobby and my job does come first, having a creative outlet has really helped me this last year and a half! So much has happened. People, jobs, and opportunities have come and gone but blogging had seemed to stay constant in my life and I want to be more intentional with fitting it more into my regular schedule.

Enough of my sentimental reflection, I know why y'all are here, you're here for the goods. I always want to try new things out so you don't have to, but lately, a lot of what I have been trying is unexpected even for me. I never thought I'd ever care about some of the stuff I am going to share - but boy do I love these May Finds!

I have been loving this moisturizing night time lip mask! Wearing this at night has helped my lipstick stay longer during the day without peeling or smearing! It's super lightweight and makes a huge different!

A timeless style that goes with everything! The quality is impeccable for the price and it comes in many color options from this retailer!

I got a travel size sample of this mask at the Target toiletries sale and I am in love! Super light and fluffy with minimal mess! Leaves your skin light and cleansed.

Mine are being shipped to me as we speak, but they are on sale and I don't want you to miss out! I ordered a size up!

Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo but what makes me love this product more is that it's designed to not dry your scalp out! Fun fact: Batiste has a lower alcohol level which is already better for your hair than most drug store dry shampoos!

This tee is butter soft without being see-through! Work appropriate but also something you can throw on to run to the store! I've worn it to brunch, to travel, to work and it works with every outfit! There are five color options - and I feel like I need all of them!

Now - I know this isn't under $20. But, I can without a doubt say that Tula was a major factor in me clearing up my skin this last year! I used to always buy whatever was cheapest - not worried about expiration dates or ingredients and it only made things worse. All of this separately would be over $200, so this bundle is a steal!

This tote comes in over 15 colors and it perfect for the girl on the go! I think this would be a great work bag or work out bag! The inside is a soft felt - so you don't have to worry about spilling and cleaning is a breeze!

This is my secret weapon for feeling like a million bucks! This mascara takes my lashes to the next level and is easier to take off than most high-end mascaras. 

My Monthly Faves is a new idea I'm trying to showcase my new favorite things all in one place! Rounding up things like this creates an easy resource for you and a fun time capsule for me. Everyone's day looks a little different, but you can't go wrong with treating yourself to any of these items! 

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