You know that feeling. When you're nervous. Like when your friends pressure you do to something, that you should do it because everyone else is. Or when you and your SO agree to meet up, but you already know it's over. Or when you know someone's lying to you through their teeth.

I describe it as when you're at the edge of a cliff and you look down. You know it's dangerous, but sometimes you jump anyways. The jump is the decision to not listen to your gut. And what you fall into is usually what you were trying to avoid.

That boy that has broken your heart before but promises he's changed, but he most likely has not. When you're about to get a test back but you know you didn't study like you should have. When someone you love in your life passes away. It's a weird intuition that comes when you least expect it.

It's there for a reason.

Your gut feeling is how our ancestors have survived for thousands of years. But now a days we can often push it down and rationalize why you're not listening to the answer you already have.

I think your gut is in tune with unspoken feelings. Because no matter what someone says, they're actions will tell you how they really feel. A gut feeling is rarely ever wrong. And if you're in tune to unspoken signs like body language and actions, then you're in tune with your intuition and your gut feeling.

For me, it's a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it's rarely ever wrong. From a young age given some adult situations I was put in, I have tuned into my gut. It's not always practical, and I don't always know why, but I know they mean something.

Gut feelings are like anything else though, if you push it away and don't tend to it, eventually it fades away. I think it's crazy that even when we know it our guts we're right, that we don't listen to them. Everyone's guilty of this from time to time. We try to outsmart our instinct with our brain. We try to use logic and what we think we know to rationalize what we're doing.

Some of my friends from time to time have mentioned to me that they don't listen to they're gut, or they can't. That they've pushed the feeling down for so long that it's not there. And that just makes me sad because for my listening to my gut is how I make so many decisions and can usually save myself for being hurt.

Whether it's a new person in your friend group, a toxic work situation, or what to eat your gut will literally be your guide. Now, gut feelings aren't always bullet proof. Sometimes you were super nervous for something and then it happened and you realized you were fine. Or sometimes it feels like there's impending doom over what to order for take out but it's really no big deal.

But usually when there's big decisions to be made, your gut can definitely help you pick the right direction for you.

Next time you're about to do something that you're unsure of, I want to challenge you to listen to your gut. Stand there, close your eyes and think about what your body is trying to tell you. When you listen to yourself, you don't need to rely on everyone else for your own opinions.

Has there ever been a time when you listened to your gut and it went well? When it didn't go well?

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