Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Fall Skin Care Must-Haves

I am so excited to finally be putting something like this together! I admittedly never was really into investing my skin in college. I always went for cheaper creams, and didn't look into ingredients or benefits. But as I begin to age and life sets in, I have felt the need to begin a more regimented skincare routine! With the help of amazing bloggers like my friend Natalie I have started to introduce more skin friendly items into my everyday routine!

First of: Witch Hazel. It's a simple, natural and cost effective item to add to your skin routine. I ended up picking out this mist, but you can get it in any drug store by the first aid area for about $3. The one I picked is a mist with lavender, so it was a little more but still within your budget since it lasts forever and has so any uses! You can use it to remove make up, as a double cleanser and even to take off eye make up!

Mario Badescu has become my world thanks to my dear pal Olivia. She recommended the drying lotion as a way to help under-the-skin blemishes and I am so happy I listened to my sweet girl! This cream is such an easy step in your skincare! Just dap it onto the problem area with a q-tip and go to bed! Literally.

After loving the drying lotion, I branched out to the rose water! This is another great spray that will last you forever! This spray can help set make up or refresh your skin mid day when you start to feel oily. I even spray it in my hair.

Another great Mario Badescu product I am loving is the Seaweed Night Cream. Honestly, I was just looking for a night cream, and was intrigued by the idea of seaweed. It's great for hydration, anti-aging and an anti-inflammatory.

I feel like I see everyone and their mother raving about Tula. I figured with some of my birthday money, I could give it a go. This day and night cream is around $50 - which can be out of price range. However, a lot of bloggers have discount codes! So I suggest looking at people's Instagram pages and saving some $$$. I like this cream because I was looking for something a little more nourishing and thicker than a regular drug store moisturizer, especially with the cold winter months coming!

I have always loved Aveeno products. They're always gentle but effective on my skin and I cannot say enough good things about this line! Their lotions, cleansers and creams are all budget friendly and effective!

My Clarisonic definitely was one of the bigger products I introduced into my skincare routine that made me realize the value of investing into my skin at such a young age! I have talked about it on the blog before, and cannot recommend it enough!

You might not think of make up as skincare, but making sure you know the ingredients can be a huge component of how your complexion looks when you're make up free. I try not to wear make up most week days (I clearly have a low key job) but my go to when I have break out's is Tarte Shape Tape Concealer! I have never found a concealer that can actually hide my bags and doesn't irritate my skin! Can't recommend enough. I wear share Light-Neutral.

I am in no way a Cosmetologist, but if you see me on my Instagram stories, I do not shy away from showing when I have blemishes. I know that we all feel pressure to put our "best face forward" and that, that should mean we're flawless, but that's not real life! I have implemented these products into my routine within the last month slowly to invest in my skin long term. Most of these can be found at Ulta, Nordstrom or Target and are pretty budget friendly. (If anything is a higher end price, chances are it will last you longer than you think!) A lot of these products also have smaller sample options for you to test and see if you like, so definitely look into that if you're not ready for the commitment! Happy experimenting!
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