New Year’s Resolutions do not need to be impossible to achieve. There’s no reason to set a back-breaking goal that you’ll give up on come February.

I like to look at resolutions as new things to implement into my daily routine that can result in a better me. Small changes that you stick to will add up to big achievements! Here are 10 changes that will add up in the new year!

  • Skip the coffee shop once a week and move that $5 into your savings account. That will be $260 in savings! 
  • Instead of texting, set aside 30 minutes a week to catch up with a long-distance friend. 
  • Before running out to buy the latest trends, look through your closet and get rid of five things before you buy one. Recycling your clothes with friends or donating them to a local shelter really goes a long way! 
  • Instead of your one hour of Netflix binging after work each night, replace one or two of those nights with yoga, a walk, or another form of exercise that will clear your mind.
  • Take ten minutes before you go to bed to meditate and reflect on your day.
  • Replace your morning bagel with oatmeal, overnight oats, or a protein smoothie. 
  • Instead of scrolling on Instagram before you go to bed, read a chapter or two of a book to keep your mind sharp and creativity flowing.
  • Make plans with a friend to try out a new work out class each month instead of eating out. 
  • Look up local organizations in your community and see what they when they need volunteers. Taking time out of your week, month or fiscal quarter can greatly impact a charity who does wonderful work for the people in your community. 
  • Make more plans with your family. Whether that means calling your parents more, emailing your grandparents or getting lunch with your siblings - be more present in their lives. 
Whatever you pledge to do in 2020, whether it's a big goal or a seemingly small one, remember that any change for the better in your life will have a huge impact! Anything you're doing to better yourself is huge and you should be proud of you. Here's to rocking 2020! 

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