Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How To Stay Inspired During The Winter Months


It's honestly the worst time of the year. It's a dark and dreary time for most where there are more days spent indoors and with inclement weather, it can be tough to find inspiration. Without the inspiration, it can feel like the collaboration opportunities, commission and followers go out the window.

The way I like to approach it is that although blogging might not be my full-time job, I treat it as such. You cannot half-ass something and expect to get full-ass results - ya feel me? So although it can be hard to find inspiration and different spots of your home to capture content as we head into almost a year of quarantine, there are a few ideas I have for you!

Batch Content

I've said it before and I'll say it again - batching content is the only way I get content done! 

  • You only have to get ready a few times a week (depending on when and what you shoot)
  • You can get multiple collaborations and ideas checked off your list
  • You're not scrambling or anxious to get content - it does wonders for my anxiety

I'll set aside time (weather permitting) on Saturday or Sunday and sometimes my lunch breaks from work to capture content as needed. I try to do it between two and four outfits to make the most of my time and to prevent myself from burning out.

Look For New Ideas On Pinterest and TikTok

Utilizing these platforms has drastically improved my creativity. Looking up different poses, video trends, outfit ideas and more can help you think of new content. 

Use Props

Incorporate flowers, coffee cups, sunglasses, and other objects to create more dimension in your photos - have fun with it! This can also help you with any jitters you have when shooting content.

Play Outside In The Elements

Y'all know how I feel about snow - but even taking photos yesterday I wanted to try and incorporate it. I played around with the idea and tried kicking snow, throwing a snowball, and throwing snow up in the air, I landed on the photo I shared at the top of the blog post!

Try New Corners of Your Home

Although you see it every day - try a new part of your home to take photos in. I switched up where I took mirror selfies the other day and was so happy with the result! Take some items from around your home and move them to create new frames and backgrounds.

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Don't miss out on a fun idea by being afraid to fail. It might take a little longer than usual to capture your content when trying new things but you might be surprised with how it ends up turning out. Take photos and look back that night and you'll be surprised with what you like!
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