Something I've been having more conversations around with my fellow content creators is how to find success on TikTok. I have an outgoing personality but I definitely get nervous to label something as a success because of two things. I get nervous that someone may I assume I may think too highly of myself and...Imposter Syndrome, LOL! Recently I hit my goal of having 10,000 TikTok followers by the end of 2022 in February (MIND BLOWN). But I have some tips that have helped me and I want to pass them along!

I will start out by saying that TikTok is a completely different algorithm than Instagram. So when you enter this space throw away any knowledge you have acquired from Instagram. This platform and its followers are not looking for polished or perfect. Come as you are and be yourself. I will say that if you're often copying people's ideas on Instagram, not only do people see through you on this platform but you won't make it on TikTok. Honestly, you will hit a wall on Instagram as well because authenticity is something you can't mimic and people see through it. But people will drag you on TikTok quicker. Find out who you are and be that. 


This is what's going to help you build your platform. The sweet spot is posting 3 to 5 times a day. This may sound like a lot but with how fast viral sounds and trends go this helps you build a community and an algorithm presence. Do not delete videos. I have posted a video and had it get almost no views or engagement and then get traction a few days, weeks, or months later. You never know! An easy way to build up content is to batch videos and save them as drafts. This helps me push out content with my busy schedule. 

Finding Your Niche 

This can mean many things. I can't find yours for you but I recommend thinking about the things in your life and your experiences that make you human. Are you funny? Are you a good teacher? Are you musically talented? Do you have a special skill? Find something and make it relatable or teachable to provide value. 

Trending Sounds

I find these by being on the app. Instagram Reels are weeks and sometimes even months behind TikTok so my advice is to go directly to the source. Also, even if the app "recommends" a background noise or song for you - that doesn't mean that it is trending! 

If you're doing voiceovers - make sure you're actually saying the words right and on the beat. Practice the sound and make sure you aren't winging it and messing up the lip sync.


Hashtags should be used sparingly and within the character limit. Stick to hashtags that apply to your niche and the sound but are general! 

As far as collabs on TikTok - I haven't really gotten there yet. I've had a few offers but I'm building up my portfolio to have a better gauge on ROI for brands and myself! I can say that my LTK and Amazon Storefront sales have dramatically increased which has been exciting to see! 

I know that these can feel general - but I want to make sure that these are helpful tips for everyone to work within their own experiences and niches. At the end of the day, you have to put in work and effort for anything you want. Anything worth having takes work and there is no easy fix or solution! 

There is a whole wide world of opportunities to find on TikTok and with a little elbow grease, you can find your community there if that's a goal of yours!

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