Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Shop Your Closet

After blogging for about two months, I do not have all the answers but I have realized some things. 

One of the most overwhelming feelings I have developed is FOMO. Granted everyone has a Fear-Of-Missing-Out sometimes, but I found myself worried that I didn’t have enough stuff. 

Enough new clothes to blog, enough clothes that made shoppable links, enough shoes to match earrings, earrings to match shoes, etc. I haven’t gone into debt or anything, but once I realized this fear or worry I had that was so worldly, I prayed about it. 

I’m not telling you how to cope with your worries, however for my anxiety and my own state of mind, I have found prayer to be a very useful tool to clear my mind, think of others who may need His help more than I do, and most importantly to carve time for God into my life. 

As I was reflecting, praying and reducing anxiety, I realized that my best bet for succeeding in the lifestyle blogging business, was to utilize things I already had in my closet to make new outfits. This sounds so simple. But sometimes you get lost in the hype and you can lose track of what your real goals are. 

I want to create a community of positive people, get to know people I otherwise wouldn’t have met, promote products that I believe in, and if I look good while I do it, I wouldn’t be mad.

I decided to style a simple Lou & Grey dress that I bought a few years ago a few different ways for a few different occasions to inspire me and realign my goals. 

The first look was a simple spring weekend look. Great for doing things around the house when you're hanging out in the summer.

By adding sneakers to the dress, you're dressing it down while also being able to move freely. It's also about what you're comfortable with! You can run to a spring farmer's market, the grocery store, or even a friends house. This cardigan is one of my new favorite things. It's cozy but not too heavy. throwing on a Kendra Scott necklace can spruce up any outfit! All of these neutrals come together for a relaxed weekend look.

When you're feeling a little more spicy and you're heading out for a nice dinner with people you love, I stepped up the casual.

These espadrilles are fun and flirty without being too much. A pop of color takes everyday basics to the next level. I also cannot stress how important it is to invest in a jean jacket! This is an oversized one from Brnady Melville (let me know if you want the link!). It was a $45 investment that can be worn throughout every season!

A toned down way to step up your basic cotton dress, is a linen jacket and some slides! This jacket is actually from Old Navy, the slides are from Abercrombie and Fitch and they give off a toned down vibe that won't break the bank!

The last look I thought would be great for a night out on the town with the girls or a nice date night. 

This jacket and these velvet heels instantly dress up anything! Again, utilizing neutral pieces can make a brand new outfit! I love all of these pieces separately and together -- and that means that all these pieces will be worn multiple times and I will get my money's worth. 

At the end of the day, buying new pieces is not a crime. However, don't get caught up in what you see in the social media world because that's only one aspect of people's lives. Influencers and bloggers are just doing their job by bringing you good deals or great pieces, there is nothing wrong with that! But don't let it affect how you feel about yourself. You are exactly where you're supposed to be. You are enough. You are important! Cheers!
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