Wednesday, August 29, 2018


On Saturday, the world found out about John McCain's passing. He died of brain cancer. And although  I wasn't old enough to vote when he ran for president, I realized there were so many things I never knew about him.

John McCain served our country for over 60 years. He was a POW in Vietnam for five years. When he was offered early release, he turned it down because he didn't want to leave until everyone was freed. He was tortured in ways we'll never understand, and endured it so that he didn't leave anyone behind. He got involved in politics in the 80's and always fought for what he felt to be in the best interest of the people - not just what a certain party might want. He was grateful everyday to be an American.

There were so many great and noble things about him that I never even knew until it was too late. He was a true example of what service to our country was and I didn't even know. I never took the time to learn more about him.

I reflected and realized that this is so similar to how we treat people in our daily lives. Maybe they weren't a prisoner of war or a presidential candidate, but think about how much of your own journey that people around you do not know. Then take a step back and put it in perspective. There is so much that we do not even know about our closest friends.

"Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about". How many times have you seen that on Pinterest or posted on Facebook by that one person who seems to be posting inspirational quotes but not really doing anything inspirational? But it's true! There are so many things constantly happening in each individual life that there is no possible way to know everything that someone else is feeling in that moment.

And that's why it's so important to give people space to speak. Ask your grandparents questions about their childhood. Ask your friend how their day really went. Ask your mom how she's feeling. Ask questions and listen. Don't listen just to respond or to make it about you and what you're dealing with. Let them have space to share. To feel. To be heard. To sort out their thoughts.

By letting people share, you're letting them feel heard but you're also learning and understanding. You're giving value to their thoughts and emotions.

Even for me. I am my genuine, happy self when I blog, but there's also a lot of things happening behind the scenes that I don't always share because I don't want to dump my problems on everyone who comes to this blog. And it's not my being disingenuous. It's that not every space is to lay all your problems out there. Everyone has problems, big and small, that they are battling. And I challenge you this week to dive into the life of someone else and make them feel like there is a place for them to feel safe to share.

I personally, want Mimosas and Lipstick to be a place where a reader leaves better than when he or she came. I want this to be a place where we can take a break from whatever is bothering us even if it's just for sixty seconds. To laugh, to reflect, and to exit out of this window a more collected and positive individual. When we give people a space to be heard, then we don't only learn about them, but we learn about ourselves in the process.

Life is too short to focus just on yourself and your day-to-day struggles. We need to open up our minds and cherish more of the time we have with the people we surround ourselves with.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Falling Into Style

Labor Day weekend is coming up, which means it is time to transition into Fall! It can feel like there's a whole new wardrobe that needs to be completely updated. Scrolling through Instagram, it can seem like bloggers all have 1,000 articles of clothing and that they never repeat an outfit twice. But Instagram is just a highlight reel, and I know personally, that I wear the same things multiple times.

Finding basic neutrals that work for multiple occasions change not only what you wear but how you get ready. Being able to mix and match staples can help to create new outfits without creating holes in your wallet. 

Last week, I picked up a Lou & Grey t-shirt dress from the Loft. It was originally $69.50 but I snagged it for $24! Lou & grey is one of my favorite brands for comfortable clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways. Since it's a pretty, neutral cream color, I know that it would be a great transition and something I could also wear for many season to come. I decided to style it a few different ways to show y'all that some simple accessories can transform a t-shirt dress. 

Hot Summer Days

Although I've already picked up my fall staples, summed is still here and the sun is shining! I paired the dress with a sassy pair of sunnies, a white summer purse, and a patterned sandal. It's neutral, and can be put together in minutes. It is perfect for a summer brunch or BBQ!

Edgy in Suede

I have never really had a moto jacket. When this one was apart of the NSale, I knew I wanted to grab it! This jacket can be worn a lot of ways, and I feel like it makes this dress ready for an evening networking event or a fun date night outfit. These booties have detailed, open ankle side that also add a unique flare. Standing out, while also blending in.

Studs and Sweaters

These mule are perfect office shoe. They are professional but also casual. This pair has studs - I love tiny details like this. Pairing the neutral dress and mules with a colorful cardigan in the fall months will keep you warm on those chilly afternoons. A darker color, like this maroon, is perfect for the colder months as well. 

These are a few of my favorite ideas. I would even wear this dress with OTK boots and an oversized jean jacket! Add a dark lip for a night out on the town. 

Finding basics you love, means more options that can be dressed up or down, and that you'll always be comfortable in. Finding unique pieces are always fun, but for me while I'm on a tight, newly post grad budget, I would rather have more fluid pieces that I know will last a while. So even though Chicago Winter will hit and I will not be able to expose any skin for about 5 months, at lead I know when the sun shines in spring I can use this dress again. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It's The Little Things

Lately, there have been some hardships in my everyday life. Some are not my battles to fight, so I do not feel comfortable broadcasting them. I have, however, been reflecting a lot these last few weeks. This past week, my community experienced a terrible loss. It was one of those moments that left me with more questions than answers. More tears than peace. I realized several things as I watched my community console itself. Most importantly, I realized there are so many positive things in each day, and we can be those positive moments for others. 

There are so many things that cost you nothing but may mean everything to someone else. When I get nervous, I tend to make lists in my head. Things that have to be done short-term, long-term, in the interim, etc. What I want to name all my Labradoodles. How I should organize my shoes. How I’ll explain Netflix to my grandpa the next time he asks. Clearly, sometimes they’re not of much importance, but my latest list involved things I could do throughout the day for others. I think that, maybe, if we could all do just one selfless act, that it might make somebody’s day just a little bit better.

  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Ask that coworker that you always see but never say anything to, how his or her day is going.
  • Give your seat up on the bus or train to someone else
  • Text your loved one’s “Good Morning!” or “Hope you have a great day!” 
  • Pray for your friends. I always try to include “please help anyone in my life who may be fighting a battle I know nothing about.”
  • Send someone a funny meme or tag them in a video on Facebook.
  • Bring your coworker water from the break room
  • Call a loved one; I know that I will always cherish the sound my grandma makes when she hears my voice
  • Walk your dog a little farther than usual
  • Pack your roommate’s lunch for them
  • Ask your parents what they’re struggling with, and actually hear them out
  • Compliment someone in the service industry; I like calling cashiers by their first name and asking them how their day is going
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them you’re thinking of them
  • Surprise your elderly relatives with a visit; I like popping in to visit my grandpa and having sassy banter
  • Make sure that someone who works really hard in your life knows you’re proud of them
  • Offer to get your neighbor’s mail while they’re out of town
  • Do the laundry for your mom - give her a break
  • Make someone laugh, for it is the best medicine
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Pray to someone whom you’ve lost, and let them know they’re not forgotten
  • Slow down, listen to your friends just to hear - not to answer
  • Plan a last-minute date with your SO
  • Ask someone to go on a walk with you
  • Clean your space; show the people you share it with that you respect them
  • Smile to someone on the street
  • Plan a Girls Night In
  • Treat everyone in your life with empathy, love, and understanding

You might not be able to do all of these things - Lord knows I can’t. But taking a step back, considering how you can positively impact someone else’s life, and letting them know they are loved, can make a world of difference. 

So, just try one of these things on this list. I promise you won’t regret it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Get Rewarded For Your Purchases

As consumers we are being shown new products, a new place to buy them, and sales for doing such. It can kind of be overwhelming at times to shop around for all the different opportunities for making a purchasing decision. 

I have found that loyalty programs are a great way for me to organize how I shop and also get rewarded for things I would be purchasing anyway. In today’s market, when there are so many ways to consume and purchases goods, I think that loyalty programs make brands stand out. It’s nice to feel appreciated!

That being said, here are my favorite loyalty programs.
You can literally buy everything at Ulta. Drugstore makeup brands, high-end makeup brands, DryBar products, hair tools, facemasks, loofas, perfume, moisturizer. You get the gist. So many things that we use every day. So instead of purchasing them somewhere, why not go to Ulta and get the points!

One of the biggest benefits is that their points don’t expire! And the longer you are a member and the more you spend, the more perks you get and the faster your points rack up! I just got to the Platinum level, and since I buy my Aveeno moisturizer, makeup wipes, mascara, and sometimes treat myself to higher end makeup such as Urban Decay, Mac and Tarte, the points add up quickly and then I get money off my purchases! 

Nordstrom might be my favorite store. I will never get over the feeling of walking into a department store and walking through all the departments with my mom. Nordstrom’s customer service is unparalleled. With free shipping and free returns, it’s also a guilt free way to try things out. 

I recently got a Nordstrom credit card in time for the N Sale, but you don’t need it for perks. You can simply make an account online and sign up for just rewards. This is a good way to rack up points. However, having a card does give you early access, Triple Point Days, and you do earn rewards faster. I like that it’s all in one place for me, since I do shop at Nordstrom so much. Whether you have the credit card or the rewards program without the credit card, you still work your way up to receiving Nordstrom Notes, which are basically gift cards!

I tend to make my coffee at home but when I do treat myself, I go to Starbucks. Now, I know that there are smaller chains with better coffee and you’re right! But sometimes if I’m on the go and moving fast, this is the easiest. 

 Their app gives you “stars” for every dollar you spend and when you reach a certain number of stars you get a free anything. Like legit venti whatever you want! So I highly recommend this rewards program! They will also have special challenges and double points where you get extra stars, so what’s not to love?

Madewell can be a little pricey but you're getting legit quality. Their clothes are timeless, neutral, and also wow all at the same time. They're also amazing quality. They tend to have some pretty nice sales as well. You can buy their clothes at other retailers, but when you sign up for their free rewards program you get free shipping, birthday treats, and email heads up when there's about to be a major sale! You also get free monogramming if that's your thing.

You can sign up here!

Who doesn't love shoes? I have found some crazy, killer deals here. A lot of the shoes that my followers have been loving are from DSW believe it or not! They have Adidas, Nike, Chinese Laundry, Jessica Simpson, Converse, Ugg, you name it! With DSW rewards you get coupons in the mail, and exclusive deals!

You can sign up here!

There are so many places to shop and get deals! However, these are my favorites and ones I can recommend because I know that there aren't any hidden catches or gimmicks. Obviously, you do have to buy stuff, but if you were already going to buy then you might as well get rewarded! 

What are you're favorite reward programs? Are you getting rewarded for your consumer decisions? I wanna hear from you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Half Birthday's are a Thing - Right?

Mimosas and Lipstick is six months old this week. If you had asked me when I started M & L where the blog would be today, I would have never in my wildest dreams thought it would be here! I have encountered so many amazing people, become a more positive person, tried new things and learned a lot along the way. Some lessons stick out among the rest but every experience has taught me something new that I can build upon going forward, and that’s what matters.

I have received so many amazing tid bits of advice, and I felt compiling them would be a great way to share what I have learned. I also want to display what qualities I find important if you are interested in becoming a blogger.

The six major things I’ve learned these last six months that have helped me get to where I am today:

Consistency and Honesty

I don’t just mean posting at the same time, every day, all the time. Although that is an aspect of blogging, consistency should be found in all aspects of your brand, and it is still something I’m trying to work on.

Your brand is you. It’s how you present yourself across all channels. You need to find your voice. You need to find your brand. Who are you? What’s your brand? What makes you, you? And go from there. I suggest looking into yourself and identifying your passions. If you love doing A, but you chose to blog about Z, then it will be harder to generate content or connect with people who interact with your blog. If you’ve been following me on this journey, I have definitely tried new things, new styles of writing and new products. But overall, what I blog about involves lifestyle and fashion. So if I all of a sudden go off the beaten path and only blog about food from small countries or only share stories about snorkeling in Antarctica (can you even do that? Probably not), it’s going to be hard to follow. Stick to what you know and what you’re passionate about. If you’re genuine, people will listen and you can build from there. Be consistent -  no matter if you have two followers or two thousand followers - will help create your voice and your brand.

You can always try new things, but be sure that your voice remains the same and that you’re still sharing things that you would actually use - even if you weren’t a blogger. I often get asked, ‘would you promote something even if you wouldn’t use it’? The answer is always “No,” and I believe that I have stuck to this. I have turned down opportunities if I felt that I wouldn’t be authentic to my audience. At the end of the day, I owe all the success of this blog to you, my readers and supporters. I want to look out for products or services you can afford and would actually want to use!

Reach Out and Connect

I knew almost nothing about how much time and effort went into blogging. However, I had thought about it for a while before I started, and I wanted to be prepared. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.

I was fortunate enough to have met some sweet girls during my time at LSU, and I asked them each a few questions. They were so helpful and made sure I had the tools to succeed. Most bloggers that I have come into contact with are nothing but helpful and kind. Being in this network has made me realize how amazing it is to have daily support from inspiring individuals.

All that being said, reach out! Most of the time, other bloggers have been exactly where you are and will answer your questions. Never be afraid to ask for help. So much of this is learning by trial and error. If you try and mess up, at least you can learn from your mistake.

And finally, build relationships. Engage with other people. Ask questions, comment, make someone else’s day. You will only get out what you put into it. Find and follow other bloggers who inspire you. There are so many amazing individuals who inspire me to be a better person everyday, and I believe that surrounding myself with this positivity has renewed my outlook on life.

This is Supposed to be Fun

I remember about a month and a half into M&L, I was really stressed. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect and successful. I also wasn’t really happy with where I was in other aspects of my life - I was burning out. I was having a hard time generating content, and I may or may not have had a mini-meltdown. While it may have been just a picture on my feed or a blurb on my blog, it meant a lot to me. My boyfriend helped to put it in perspective for me. “This is supposed to be fun,” he said. “You can’t put all this pressure on yourself, because then this isn’t your creative outlet anymore.” And he was right.

I decided to become a blogger for fun, as a hobby. To have a creative outlet that allowed me to connect with others. Not to stress about how many followers I had or how many likes I was getting or if I was posting everyday and turning out content continuously. I was doing this because it was a hobby that I enjoyed. If you go into it with a pressured mindset, then you’ll end up adding another thing that stresses you out. Do it because it’s something you’re passionate about.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

It is so easy to get bogged down in comparison. She has this, he went there, they have that. Before you know it, you feel like you’re going nowhere - which isn’t true! Everyone is on a different journey. Everyone has a different brand. You cannot assume that because another blogger has landed something you’ve always wanted, that they have the perfect life. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to. You need to enjoy and relish in your accomplishments. This is not about having all the followers in the world or getting the most likes, it’s about letting your passion shine through. Recognize how far you’ve come and the community you have built with the help of your followers and the people who have always supported you.

Willingness to Try and Taking Constructive Criticism

You never know until you try. You will never progress if you don’t learn from mistakes. I’m not suggesting go skydiving or try a new hair do, but I mean that until you try creating a website, or apply for partnerships, or share your story with the internet, you’ll never know.

Look up tutorials, ask questions, get answers, try. And if you’re try does not work, take a step back, tweak it, and try again. No one expects you to know everything, and if ever something needs to be changed, it’s not always a negative. If you’re growing and improving, you’re bound to make a few changes here and there.

I always have my dear friend, Caitlin, look over my posts for errors. I bounce photo ideas and potential partnerships off of my cousins. Our group text is jokingly called “The Board of Mimosas & Lipstick”. Surrounding yourself with people who will make sure you’re putting your best foot forward is so important. When they make suggestions, edits, or give my honest opinions, I cannot take it personally. If I didn’t ask, I would never know. And if you never try, you’ll never see your potential.


I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that everything takes time. Rome was not built in a day, and, honestly, anything else that is worth your time won’t be either. As long as you’re genuinely interested in doing something, the success will follow. It will take time, effort and determination. But if you love something, it won’t feel like work. I am constantly learning, trying, adjusting and trying again, to create the best content for my readers.

I do not have all the answers. I am no guru. But these are the important lessons I have learned these last few months. There is so much for me to still learn, do and create. I cannot thank you enough for coming along on this adventure with me, and I cannot wait to see where it takes us next! I am so humbled by where Mimosas and Lipstick has gone in the last six months, it is beyond my wildest dreams and I cannot thank everyone enough for their support.
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