As consumers we are being shown new products, a new place to buy them, and sales for doing such. It can kind of be overwhelming at times to shop around for all the different opportunities for making a purchasing decision. 

I have found that loyalty programs are a great way for me to organize how I shop and also get rewarded for things I would be purchasing anyway. In today’s market, when there are so many ways to consume and purchases goods, I think that loyalty programs make brands stand out. It’s nice to feel appreciated!

That being said, here are my favorite loyalty programs.
You can literally buy everything at Ulta. Drugstore makeup brands, high-end makeup brands, DryBar products, hair tools, facemasks, loofas, perfume, moisturizer. You get the gist. So many things that we use every day. So instead of purchasing them somewhere, why not go to Ulta and get the points!

One of the biggest benefits is that their points don’t expire! And the longer you are a member and the more you spend, the more perks you get and the faster your points rack up! I just got to the Platinum level, and since I buy my Aveeno moisturizer, makeup wipes, mascara, and sometimes treat myself to higher end makeup such as Urban Decay, Mac and Tarte, the points add up quickly and then I get money off my purchases! 

Nordstrom might be my favorite store. I will never get over the feeling of walking into a department store and walking through all the departments with my mom. Nordstrom’s customer service is unparalleled. With free shipping and free returns, it’s also a guilt free way to try things out. 

I recently got a Nordstrom credit card in time for the N Sale, but you don’t need it for perks. You can simply make an account online and sign up for just rewards. This is a good way to rack up points. However, having a card does give you early access, Triple Point Days, and you do earn rewards faster. I like that it’s all in one place for me, since I do shop at Nordstrom so much. Whether you have the credit card or the rewards program without the credit card, you still work your way up to receiving Nordstrom Notes, which are basically gift cards!

I tend to make my coffee at home but when I do treat myself, I go to Starbucks. Now, I know that there are smaller chains with better coffee and you’re right! But sometimes if I’m on the go and moving fast, this is the easiest. 

 Their app gives you “stars” for every dollar you spend and when you reach a certain number of stars you get a free anything. Like legit venti whatever you want! So I highly recommend this rewards program! They will also have special challenges and double points where you get extra stars, so what’s not to love?

Madewell can be a little pricey but you're getting legit quality. Their clothes are timeless, neutral, and also wow all at the same time. They're also amazing quality. They tend to have some pretty nice sales as well. You can buy their clothes at other retailers, but when you sign up for their free rewards program you get free shipping, birthday treats, and email heads up when there's about to be a major sale! You also get free monogramming if that's your thing.

You can sign up here!

Who doesn't love shoes? I have found some crazy, killer deals here. A lot of the shoes that my followers have been loving are from DSW believe it or not! They have Adidas, Nike, Chinese Laundry, Jessica Simpson, Converse, Ugg, you name it! With DSW rewards you get coupons in the mail, and exclusive deals!

You can sign up here!

There are so many places to shop and get deals! However, these are my favorites and ones I can recommend because I know that there aren't any hidden catches or gimmicks. Obviously, you do have to buy stuff, but if you were already going to buy then you might as well get rewarded! 

What are you're favorite reward programs? Are you getting rewarded for your consumer decisions? I wanna hear from you!

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