A woman's purse is her sidekick. I keep so many things in my bag whether it's my Louis or my Longchamp depending on the season and where I'm at in my life. There are so many things that you may need at the drop of a hat! And these are all my go-to's that I carry with me at all times!

My purse organizer - this was such a no-brainer for me! When I invested in such a pricey designer bag, I didn't want anything to damage the lining of it. This organizer is made of felt and had so many compartments to organize everything!

Rosewater - I use this to set my make up in the morning and to freshen up during the day! It's light and small enough to travel with. I spritz it in my hair sometimes as well!

Wallet - I usually lean towards larger wallets because they're easy to locate and also serve as a bag itself at times. It can fit all my cards and cash and what have you. I've had my current wallet for almost three years! I love the quality.

Sunglasses - I feel like I always need sunglasses but I never realize it until I'm already out of the house for the day! So I started carrying sunglasses in my purse at all times. I like this brand because their case is small but protective.

Lipgloss - I know, seems like overkill but sometimes different occasions call for different lips! Stila comes in many shades and never wears off. I love the matte look it gives my lips.

Charger - I am a planner. It's how I've always been! I always plan ahead when it comes to my phone because well, this is the age we live in. I always carry one in my purse just in case!

Glasses - I have prescription glasses, but I don't need tham all the time. I always make sure to have them in my bag. They also have the blue light reflective which helps with all my computer work!

Midol - I like having pain relivers in my bag because I get really bad headaches, and this is usually for around ~that time of the month~. The travel sizes make it light and not too bulky.

Lip balm - I love this brand of skincare! The balm is perfect for all the dry air this season.

- This is a new addition. I never understood the hype, but I will admit being cordless helps me a lot. They're little and fit in anything!

Lipstick - My mother never leaves the house without lipstick, I think it's cute that no matter what she always has it on! I received this shade for Christmas. It's not a bold lip, but it's a good every day that doesn't require a lot of up-keep.

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