I recently ordered Amazon Prime, which may or may not have been an accident, but I'm starting to realize the value and quality of it! Truthfully, I order a lot more on Amazon than I realize, and that shipping alone on a year of purchases probably costs more than the annually Amazon Prime fee. So here we are.

As I realize the benefit of Prime, I also find myself making more lists on their website. All of these items are either on my wishlist, in my closet or on their way to me. There are so many great picks on Amazon, but sometimes it can be overwhelming!

I have really been loving their dress and sweater selection! All the sweaters and dresses linked in this post are available in multiple colors which I love because everyone's color wheel and style are unique!

The accessory selection on Amazon is also amazing! The first accessory I ordered off of Amazon was my purse organizer and I use it literally every day! Some other finds that I have been loving are this hat that comes in multiple colors and my new belt, it's a steal!

The leggings I linked are also a great dupe for the Alo leggings! They come in three colors. 

This style of bikini was a major hit last summer but seemed super expensive in my opinion, so I'm excited to try out the more affordable version, I've heard only good things!

Amazon has so many items to choose from that sometimes it can be impossible to choose or find products you can guarantee are what you were looking for. That's why I try to pull together what I have been loving lately to help make the selection process easier. 

Happy deal finding! 

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