Charm bracelets have always reminded me of the women in my family. I remember growing up I was obsessed with my mom's charm bracelet. She had a charm to commemorate so much of her life. Birthdays, graduations, the things she loved. It was a huge part of her identity from that time.

My grandma Stoney began to make me a Pandora charm bracelet when I was a little girl. Each charm was picked out with care and I could feel the sentiment even back then. It's always something I will keep and cherish and look back on all the memories that I made with her.

Fast forward, I am now a young 20 something embarking on a new chapter of my life. I am independent and embracing city life. With a new chapter, comes new memories. My new bracelet from Pandora Jewelry's ME Collection is going to help me commemorate this new exciting time of my life. They have a beautiful selection of charms that fit every personality. I went with a crescent moon, a horseshoe and two hearts.

I feel like all my new beginnings are starting fresh, just like a crescent moon. If you had asked me a year ago where I would be now, I would've never told you here and it's the best feeling. The horseshoe was an easy decision for me because I feel as though a little bit of luck goes a long way. Choosing to see the events in your life as good fortune and as a path leading to your happiness gets you a lot farther than focusing on the negative when things don't go your way. The two hearts remind me that I'm never alone. My parents, friends and family and are always one call away and are always there when I need someone to talk to.

A charm bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry. It's a personalized reminder of your milestones, triumphs and learning experiences. Having my mom's charm bracelet will remind me of her and how much I love her. My Pandora ME Collection charm bracelet will always make me think back to my first apartment and all of the love that I have in my life in this chapter.

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