Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tips for Working From Home

Right now with the uncertainty of many aspects of our life routine, where we can find it, is crucial. A lot of you, like me, find yourself working at home. This is a big place where we can create a routine.

Before my current job, I held a position that was about 75% work from home (sans quarantine) and it can feel challenging and isolating. It can also be rewarding and fun when you are aware of your needs and have a clear schedule you follow. Here are some that have really helped me.

Make sure you have time to wake up and check-in with yourself before you start your workday! I like to meditate, pray, and think of the things I'm grateful for. Giving yourself grace helps your mindset and attitude for the whole day! Other things I find helpful are making my bed, changing out of my pajamas into clothes I would wear to work, brushing and styling my hair, and making breakfast.

All of these components of my morning help me prepare for the day ahead without overwhelming me. 

Set up your work station somewhere separate from where you sleep (if you can). If you work from your bed, it will be harder for you to relax and fall asleep in the evenings because your bed is a place of stress. When creating your space be sure that you have as much as natural light as possible. 

Make sure you have a designated place you can come to and leave your work at the end of the day. This also helps reduce stress and anxiety. I set up my little workspace with my work laptop, charger, second monitor, notebook, pens, and highlighters. I know when I'm here that I am ready to be present, productive and proactive for my coworkers and clients. 

Another great way to be sure you stay focused is to schedule small breaks. Making lunch, connect with a coworker via video chat, walk around your house to get your blood pumping are all great ways to take small breaks throughout the day. 

When working from home, it can be easy to work later than you would usually and continue the momentum. However, when possible, be sure to shut down as close to your usual work window as possible. This will help keep you from experiencing burn out. Shut down your work computer, make your to-do list for tomorrow and allow some time for you to unwind. 

You Time
When I'm working from home, I try to wake up at the same time I would if I was going to commute to my office. This allows me time to wake up, get ready for the day, make breakfast and your coffee. Some mornings I use it to work out, finish a movie I started the night before, answer blog emails, anything that helps me feel productive and that I'm starting the day on a productive note. 

At the end of the day, I make time for me as well. I use this time to work out if I haven't that morning, do a face mask, cook, shower, and time to watch something funny and light. 

Get Moving
Carving out time to incorporate physical exercise is so important! Right now, a lot of studios and fitness influencers are sharing free workouts. I love HIIT workouts so I will be sure to incorporate them into my daily routine to release any nerves or frustration. 

Connect With Others
For the people you live with, make sure you're checking in! Let them know if you have any calls, meetings and other important work-related items. In the same light, ask them how their work is going, how they're feeling and how you can help. 

For the people you will not be seeing all the time, have FaceTime dates, watch shows together and text about what is happening, schedule wine nights with friends, use technology to your advantage and for good! Listen to your loved ones and help them feel less anxious and worried. 

If your job is mostly done in an office, it will take time to feet adjusted to your new work environment but it is doable! I believe in you!
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