Wednesday, March 17, 2021

How To Shoot Content On Your Own


Sometimes it can feel impossible to capture content. Between friends, conflicting schedules, your work schedule, family commitments, self-care, and feeling inspired it can feel like it's never the right time. 

I love when my friends help me with content because I feel like so many great spontaneous collaboration happens. There's someone to connect with behind the camera and it's faster than trying it on your own.

However, sometimes shooting content by yourself can be super convenient and fruitful! You can do it on your own time, you can take as many shots as you want, and you might be able to try new angles and ideas you'd be too nervous to in front of someone else. 

It can be intimidating to try new things but I've compiled some tips that will set you up for success.

Get a Tripod and/or Ring Light

In order to make sure that you're going to create level photos - I recommend getting a tripod! I've linked the one I use here. I bought this my first year I started blogging and have been using it ever since! They're usually around $30 and it guarantees you won't have to find something to prop your phone up against anything.

Although they serve similar purposes, I do recommend also getting a ring light. If you work full time or have to capture in a poorly light area - a ring light will change your content capturing! They usually have a cord to plug in and then a platform for your phone. I linked mine here

Sometimes it can be hard to pose and look warm when you're taking photos with a tripod - I like to pretend its a person or I try to think of something funny so that I look less stiff.

Use the Self-Timer or Bluetooth Clicker

Once you've set up your phone - now it's time to set your self-timer. I usually set my timer to 10 seconds which allows me to move around, make sure everything is in place. 

I use a Bluetooth clicker as well so I don't have to walk back and forth between my phone and my ideal pose. I still use the self-timer on my phone to allow for time in between clicking to move around, hide my clicker, and make sure everything is in place. The one I use is linked here.

Plan to Shoot 1 to 3 Outfits

Shooting with yourself is a great way to batch content - but don't get overzealous. You don't want to get overzealous and burn out. Especially as you are starting out with shooting content with a tripod. Taking breaks in between the outfits also helps you center yourself and keeps you from becoming frustrated.

Do a Test Shot

Since you can't see your phone from where you'll be standing since the camera facing out is better than your front-facing camera, you'll want to do a test shot. See if you like the lighting if you can see your whole outfit and that the framing is everything you envisioned. You'll also avoid taking 10 photos and hating them.

Take Your Time and Give Yourself Grace

Try to allow for extra time so that you have time so that you're less stressed if you're not getting the shot you want right away. It can be nerve-racking to take photos with a tripod in public - so I recommend trying at first in your backyard, alley, or indoors to get used to taking photos this way. I still get nervous sometimes and sometimes people stare when they walk by but ultimately it's important to remember that you'll probably never see them again - so pay them no mind! 
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