Wednesday, March 3, 2021

My Sugaring Experience


I shared over on Instagram Stories last week that I checked out the new Sugaring NYC-Chicago location in Lincoln Park. Sugaring is a more natural way of removing unwanted body hair. It's a mixture of lemon juice, water, and sugar and attaches to the hair instead of the skin. 

Their studio is on Halsted by Sumer House Santa Monica and there's plenty of parking in the area! Upon my arrival, my temperature was taken and I offered a sit in their waiting room. The whole storefront is super clean, spread out, and organized so I felt completely safe. 

Once my specialist was ready, I meet with her before the initial service. She did a wonderful job of walking me through the process, how I may feel, and different options we could do if I was experiencing any discomfort. (They have fans they can turn on and you can take brakes at any time during the service to catch your breath!)

Your comfort is their priority. It's not completely painless however, I felt like compared to a traditional hot wax treatment this was a lot more manageable. It's so quick and my skin reacted really well to it. 

A week out, my skin is still super smooth! I haven't experienced any irritation or ingrown hairs. Unlike traditional hot wax treatments, where it would attach to my skin and would rip it at times and could burn live skin cells in the painful process. I experienced a lot of ingrown hairs and it really irritated my skin. 

I had a really positive experience and I'm happy with my results. I will definitely be back and I encourage you to give it a try if you often pay for traditional hot wax appointments! You can DM them on Instagram or make an appointment online! I have included their price sheet below.

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