Friday, February 18, 2022

Four Years of Mimosas & Lipstick

I don't know if it's good or bad that it has already been four years of Mimosas & Lipstick. I say that because it reminds me how far out of college I am (LOL!). I graduated from LSU and moved back to the suburbs of Chicago and didn't really know where to go from there. 

I had an internship in college with Jay Ducote and saw the back end of running a website and I really enjoyed the work. I enjoyed being able to learn and grow and find my voice. My dad encouraged me to start a food blog but I didn't think that anyone cared about what I had to say. He kept encouraging me and I kept dismissing myself. Who would want to take my advice?

Eventually, I started my first big girl job and I felt stunted. It wasn't really what I thought working in marketing would be and I felt really drained. I was wearing cute outfits but no one cared and I was like wait... should I start a fashion blog? I had followed people like Lauren Sims, Dani Austin, and Courtney Shields for a few years and loved their content. I loved how casual they shared with their following, styling their outfits seemed fun, and it would give me a creative outlet. 

From there I researched. I looked into web design, blogging tip articles, reached out to people who I knew were bloggers that I admired like Karli Willis, and from there - Mimosas and Lipstick was born. I look back on that period of my life and I wish I hadn't been so hard on myself. I would freak out if my photo didn't get 100 likes in 3 minutes, if I didn't get the perfect photo on the first try, and pressured myself to network with people I didn't really have a lot in common with. But in a way, I'm also happy that I went through that because it got me to where I am today.

Looking at this year in review, it progressed my life in so many ways I could've never imagined this time last year. I started my TikTok and now have over 7,500 followers, 352,000 likes, and has allowed me to show more of my silly goofy side. I got connected to an amazing cat rescue called the Catcade and adopted Dolly after fostering her. I was able to open up about my struggles with dating, which made me feel less alone and led to more honest conversations.

I grew more confident as a businesswoman and negotiated for my worth. I had to file taxes for 2021 because your support led me to work with some dream brands! Heck, I just grew in confidence period. Body positivity, confidence in my dating life, and knowing my worth. 

In the next year, I hope to keep going and growing! I want to help us connect with each other more, feel less alone, and try new things! Here's to continuously learning and evolving.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

You Don't Need To Have A Significant Other To Celebrate Valentine's Day

My set is from Cozy Earth - you can use my code MIMOSAS40 for 40% off your order!

It can feel like a lot this time of year. The weather makes the time of year drag, making it feel all-encompassing. When the sun doesn't shine, it feels like you're stuck - I know it does for me anyway. It can be easy for us to be hard on ourselves. Maybe your New Years' resolutions didn't pan out the way you anticipated or you can't find the motivation to do things you usually love. 

Take all these feelings and then add the invisible pressure of Valentine's Day. Whether you're newly seeing someone, celebrating your first Valentine's Day with a significant other, it's your fifteenth Valentine's Day with your special someone or you're single this Valentine's Day - there can be different kinds of pressure. 

For me and the other single people out there - it can feel as though dating is a wasteland between now and February 14th. Apps have all but stopped, anyone you were flirting with has gone MIA and it's become even more lonely than usual. 

Although we don't need a significant other to feel whole and should be happy on our own it is hard not to feel some pressure around this time of year. To me in Chicago, it seems like guys assume all girls will latch on to any sight or inkling of love in the hopes of Valentine's - and for me, that's not the case. 

I have always appreciated this holiday - but I've looked at it from a standpoint of loving your life and the parts of it that make it unique. Family, friends, your job, your city, your home, your fur babies - everything around you that makes you, you. That's what we should celebrate!

If you're single like me this Valentine's Day here's how different ways you can practice self-love and celebrate!

  • Order your favorite take out food
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Treat yourself to a massage or a facial or a spray tan or a workout class
  • Start a new show
  • Buy a new work out or lounge set
  • Watch one of your comfort shows or movies
  • Clean your apartment and declutter your space to make way for future endeavors
  • Treat yourself to a new book, piece of clothing, or home decor item you've been putting off
  • Go to your favorite grocery store
  • Buy the materials for an at-home DIY
  • Send cards to your mom, grandma, and any other family members
  • Call anyone in your life you've been putting off
  • Make your favorite smoothie
  • Journal about your feelings
  • Go through and declutter your junk drawer (I know you have one)
  • Shop Valentine's Day sales
  • Go on a long walk
  • Have a photoshoot with yourself
  • Paint your nails
  • Get a blowout or haircut 
  • Do your hair in a new way
  • Make plans to get together with your friends the next weekend
  • Buy a new candle
  • Try a new tea
  • Treat yourself to an overpriced latte
  • Get pumped for the half-off candy sales tomorrow

One set I know that I'll be wearing this Valentine's Day is my jogger tank set from Cozy Earth! They don't only make amazing linens but their sets and pajamas are amazing! You can use my code MIMOSAS40 for 40% off your order sitewide. 

Pick your top 3 things off my list and focus on all you have that you love in your life - not what problems you think would be fixed if you had a relationship 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hannah's Basics: Top 5 Amazon Home Finds


I wanted to start a new series called Hannah Basic's. These will be quick round up's of things that help you navigate life! Today, I wanted to start with Amazon Home Finds. All of these can be shopped here on my Amazon Storefront! You can also watch my video about them here.

This lamp is powerful, doesn't overheat and lights my whole studio apartment! It's $64.99 and comes in 7 different colors.

The secret to my hat wall? These hooks! They come in a pack of 8 and they're $14. They're easy to hang and come off easily so they're renter-friendly.

These hair catchers come in a pack of 5 for $10. They lay over your drain for easy clean-up and shower maintenance. They're made of Neoprene so they won't get icky!

This 50 oz water jug is under $30 and keeps my water cold all day! The top has a few different options for drinking water but I like the straw - easier to make sure I'm drinking enough water throughout the day.

This bamboo lap desk is under $30 and totally upgrades your work-from-home game! The legs adjust and so does the platform. I love using this for my laptop and for meals as well!

Happy shopping! What should I round up next?

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