Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hannah's Basics: Top 5 Amazon Home Finds


I wanted to start a new series called Hannah Basic's. These will be quick round up's of things that help you navigate life! Today, I wanted to start with Amazon Home Finds. All of these can be shopped here on my Amazon Storefront! You can also watch my video about them here.

This lamp is powerful, doesn't overheat and lights my whole studio apartment! It's $64.99 and comes in 7 different colors.

The secret to my hat wall? These hooks! They come in a pack of 8 and they're $14. They're easy to hang and come off easily so they're renter-friendly.

These hair catchers come in a pack of 5 for $10. They lay over your drain for easy clean-up and shower maintenance. They're made of Neoprene so they won't get icky!

This 50 oz water jug is under $30 and keeps my water cold all day! The top has a few different options for drinking water but I like the straw - easier to make sure I'm drinking enough water throughout the day.

This bamboo lap desk is under $30 and totally upgrades your work-from-home game! The legs adjust and so does the platform. I love using this for my laptop and for meals as well!

Happy shopping! What should I round up next?

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