As we settle into cooler temperatures, even in New Orleans, I find myself naturally prepping for Chicago winter even though I moved to escape it. But universally, there are a lot of ways to prep for colder weather and I wanted to round up some ways to get ahead of the chilly temperatures.

Swap Out Wardrobes

While most of my wardrobe can be worn all year, I tend to bring out my sweaters, warmer layers and make them more accessible. When I lived in Chicago, I would take anything that needed a refresh for the season to CD One Cleaners. They have a ton of locations in the Chicagoland area and their prices are budget friendly!

In New Orleans, I'm still looking for a cleaners, but I have found a tailor! NOLA is such a word of mouth city so it won't be hard to get my (lighter) winter layers ready for the season.

Switch Out Blankets and Bedding

It's time for those mornings where you're too cozy in bed to get out. All my bedding was dry cleaned before I moved so it's all set for the season! I also tend to watch TV and work with blankets on this time of year so I make sure to run them through the washer before use since Dolly loves burrowing in my blanket basket. 

Switch Out Footwear

Give me all the clunky combat boots, uggs, and slippers. I need slippers through out the house because my feet constantly get overheated and then cold. My favorite ones are the smiley face ones.

Make Coats And Warmer Layers Readily Available 

Time to break out those coats! I've only dabbled in my lighter ones here but hey a jacket is a jacket. Make sure they have time to hang and breath before grabbing them when you head out!

Bonus tip: take an inventory of your wardrobe! I have been trying to shop in my closet as much as possible and taking an inventory of what you already have before you buy the latest and greatest is good for your storage spaces and your wallet!

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