There's a lot of health trends and diets. Almost to the point that it can be easy to get lost in what is best for you. As I shift into a more active lifestyle I want to be sure that I'm giving my body the nutrients and support to be the healthiest I can be! 

I have worked with JuiceRx for almost a year now and their menu offers nutrient-rich options that are also tasty! I've enjoyed their smoothies and their ACAI bowls so I figured that this would be a good place to break into juices. I've never really had green juices and to be honest, I am not sure that I will take up celery juicing anytime soon. However, I felt really safe trying new juices from JuiceRx because they use quality ingredients and blend flavors, vitamins, and minerals together. 

I am going to share my reviews for their wide array of green juices and ACAI bowls. 



AÇAI Bowls

JuiceRx's bowls are always made fresh to order. My favorite has always been the Harlequin Monkey! But I also tried the Fruit Alchmiest, Banana Dragon, and Matcha Bowl! 

The Banana Dragon is my new second favorite. It has unique flavors that are tasty and also make for a gorgeous presentation. I would say I'm not really a Matcha person so that be default was not my favorite. However, if you love matcha I think that this would hit the spot for you! I still give it an 8/10. 

You can always make customized bowls at JuiceRx if that's what you prefer! It's funny because one of the first times I ever hung out with Alexa we actually went to the Bucktown location and made our own smoothie bowls! 

 *I substituted all coconut ingredients of the bowls because of an allergy*

Green Juices

For the first time in my life I gave green juice a try! I've never really been into the health trend but knew that JuiceRx makes their products from high-quality ingredients so I trusted their product offering. Unsurprisingly, I preferred the fruitier flavored juices such as the Green Lemon Twist, Liquid Lunchbox, and Supreme-ly Green. If you're used to green juices, I feel like you would enjoy their more traditional juices such as the Celery Juice, the Supreme Green, Green Glow, and Picante Verde. 

Green juices are a rich source of numerous nutrients and plant compounds that support heart health, digestion, and immunity. I will say that I felt more regular, my skin looked brighter and I do feel like trying the juices helped my seasonal allergies. 

I do not know if I will take up celery juicing anytime soon - but I am glad that I was able to try it and figure out what green juices worked best for me and my diet! If you're in the Chicago area, definitely check out JuiceRx's two locations in Streeterville and Bucktown. You can also order delivery on their app! They're also hiring if you're in the market for a job - check out more information here.

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