If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m a firm believer in signs. After we lost my dad in late 2019, there are little things throughout my day that remind me of him. They also serve as a reminder for me to take a beat and a breath and smile. 

When Anvil + Candle reached out to me and I realized that they were based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where my dad lived. It was a sign to me that I should take a closer look at the company. Their products are completely recyclable and they take pride in how green they strive to be. 

Their soy wax and fragrance oils are completely toxin-free with no black burn off which makes their candles and candle vessels completely natural products. They designed their company with the idea of being able to change your candle fragrance based on your mood, occasion, and preference. Think of a Keurig cup: to safely and efficiently use you must put the coffee pod in the machine and that's how Anvil + Candle thinks with their products. Not only do the vessels add a flare of sophistication as home decor, but the candle cup refills are designed specifically to safely house each refill. You can change the refill cup when ready or recycle it when finished. 

They have a wider variety of scents that fit every home and every personality. I received some ideal scents for spring and summer in my unique candle system. Mine included a lemon scent, a mojito scent, and a breeze scent. 

Their candle systems, which consist of a candle vessel and candle cup refill are completely customizable. All of their scents and vessels to choose from on their website. What's great about the candle vessel is that you can pick it to match your decor, so the label of the candle won't clash with your vibe and you'll be relaxing in no time.

My dad always burned a wide variety of candles and I have been burning candles like crazy while I have been working from home. I felt that the company's location was a sign, I know it was worth trying. My Anvil + Candle candles have been long burning and the perfect addition to my daily work from home life.

These candle systems would make the perfect Mother's or Father's Day present! Each system includes a candle vessel and a candle cup refill and is $37. Any additional candle refill cup is $12. The candle refills easily pop in and out for a variety of scents with minimal decor changes. Check out all their scents and vessels on their website here. You can use my code MIMOSA20 for 20% off your order of your very own candle system.

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